Youth Group Training

Our degreed and certified strength and conditioning coaches combine education and experience working with amateur to elite athletes to provide cutting-edge performance training. Our programs have delivered results in the form of college scholarships, NFL Pro Bowls, draft picks, Olympic medals, and world records. The Youth Sports Performance groups are capped at a 6:1 athlete-to-coach ratio to ensure quality instruction, technique, and safety. The program is not simply just drills to make athletes sweaty and tired, but rather a long-term athletic development plan designed to provide immediate results and lasting habits that produce a superior athlete. The Youth Sports Performance program consists of several types of classes to tailor to the athlete’s needs:


Youth Speed

In all sports, speed is king. The Youth Speed class helps athletes beat defenders in a chase, get to the ball quickly, move up and down the court, and turn singles into doubles. The workouts are 1.5 hours and consist of:

  • Mechanics – Running mechanics to sprint more efficiently
  • Speed – Improve linear and lateral acceleration
  • Agility – Learn proper deceleration, change of direction, footwork
  • Plyometrics – Upper and lower body plyometrics to build an explosive athlete

Youth Strength

The Youth Strength program is designed for middle/high school athletes to develop total-body strength and power. Our coaches teach proper mechanics and technique, making this appropriate for athletes at all levels. Our program focuses on explosive/power movements, as well as lower body, upper body push/pull movements in all planes, and rotational/stable core strengthening. The Youth Strength class is 1 hour and is ideal for athletes to:

  • Increase vertical and broad jumps
  • Increase sprinting speed
  • Absorb more force, thus lessening chance of injury
  • Produce more force to hit harder, decelerate quickly, and claim their ground
  • Produce more power to throw/kick/swing faster, jump higher, and move quicker

Youth Strength sessions may be combined with Youth Sports Performance sessions when purchasing monthly packages.


Seasonal Sport-Specific Youth Groups

While our regular Youth Strength & Speed classes provide exceptional results for the majority of athletic development purposes, we also offer seasonal sport-specific training groups. These special classes allow us to focus on certain sport requirements in a little more detail. Representatives from sports teams/clubs are encouraged to visit the Teams/Clubs page for more information about training large groups. Specific groups are only available at certain times of the year, so please check the below links regularly.

Session Package Options

Sessions purchased in packages will expire 30 days after first visit. PARENTS: When purchasing sessions, please create a user account with your child’s (or each child's) information so we may accurately account for his/her participation in our program. You may input your information as Payee when completing the transaction, but do not create your child's account with your name.

Shared Session Package Options for Families with 2 Athletes

  • $399 for 16 sessions
  • $539 for 24 sessions
  • One athlete per session
  • Shared packages are intended for use by more than one athlete in a family; no one athlete may use more than 3/4 of the purchased sessions.
  • Please call to purchase family packages.
  • Please call for pricing on shared packages for families with 3 or more athletes.
  • Sessions purchased in packages will expire 30 days after first visit.